Knowledge Forum provides students and teachers with a unique collaborative space in which to share ideas and data, organize course materials, analyze research results, discuss texts, and cite reference materials. Appropriate for any ages, Knowledge Forum is used by kindergarten students as well as graduate students.

Knowledge Forum allows users to create a knowledge building community. Each community creates its own Knowledge Base in which its can store notes, connect ideas, and "rise-above" previous thinking. The note-taking, searching, and organizational features of this sophisticated tool allow any type of community to build knowledge. Whether you are:

  • an academic community at the university…
  • an alliance of professionals...
  • or supporting a mentor ...
  • If your goals are building your community knowledge — then Knowledge Forum is the application for you.

    How to use it

    Creating a New Contribution
    Creating a Build-on Contribution
    Copying, Pasting, and Deleting Contributions
    Adding a Co-Author to a Contribution
    Adding Attachments to a Contribution
    Contribution Connections, History and Authors
    Linking to Websites

    Creating, Editing, and Deleting Views
    Navigating Views
    Adding a Background Image to a View
    Adding a "Reference Link"

    The Promising Ideas Tool
    Creating a Rise-above
    Assessment Tools
    Finding Access Codes
    Administrator Tools

    More Information

    Knowledge Building Theory and Practices
    Knowledge Building Community
    Knowledge Building Professional Development